Comedy Rules


Directed by Taishi Kawano
Password: sva    

Synopsis: Takumi(Colin Chen), a Japanese boy, wants to be a comedian. He's watched his father, Akira(Akira Ito), and manager Donny, a comedian, as far back as he can remember. Aimi(Yukiko Miyawaki), his beautiful mother, stresses about the family's finances; while Donny is an up-and-coming comedian, Akira still isn't making ends meet, and Takumi is slacking with his schoolwork. Akira decides to give up his career to look for greener pastures and, with Aimi, insists that Takumi abandon his comic dreams as well. Yet after Takumi turns his schoolwork around for the better, and his teacher comments about how funny Takumi is, Aimi and Akira decide that rewarding their son is the best path--setting up Takumi's big premiere working with Donny on stage in front of a live audience.